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Databank I.T. Solutions Inc. recommends and sells the following software applications:


Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
Panda AntiVirus

Enjoy protection without bloating your system and causing a slowdown. Guaranteed support by email. We are an authorized reseller for Panda Antivirus. Enjoy this feature rich product.
  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Antiphishing
  • Antirootkit
  • Antihacking
  • ID theft protection
  • Firewall
  • Multimedia/Gaming Mode NEW
  • Home Network Manager NEW
  • Secure Browser NEW
  • Automatic Upgrades
Biometric Employee Punch Clock™ v4.0
Fingerprint authentication, network support, more detailed reports, QuickBooks® integration, door access control, plus quick and easy setup; make Biometric Employee Punch Clock 4.0 the most powerful time and attendance solution to stop time theft and avoid "Buddy Punching."




Security Solutions
SecurityPlus for MDaemon
No more headache from viruses or SPAM with the advanced Zero-Hour Outbreak Protection technology built into this plug-in for MDaemon.

8Signs Firewall
Protection for Internet Servers and Power Users.

The standard for Internet Sharing and MUCH more!

MDaemon Outlook Connector
allows Outlook users to collaborate by sharing contacts, calendars, mail folders, tasks and notes.

FTP Serv-U
Easy to administer, yet powerful solution for sharing files across the Internet.

FTP Voyager
FTP Voyager is the most powerful FTP client program for Windows on the market.
MDaemon offers a full range of mail server functionality, including protection from spam, built-in web access and remote administration.

Powerful network faxing software that simplifies the process of sending, receiving and managing fax traffic from the desktop.