Iphone love it!

September 29th, 2009

I have had the Iphone 3G now for a little over a year and wow, I love it. My favorite apps are:
Fring for Voip calling, even when I am at a client site I can call anywhere in North America without incurring long distance and you don’t have to use your cell phone minutes.
Voice4mail used to send voicemail to any email address, Flixster to view previews of movies,
WinAdmin is a remote desktop application, log into your home computer or any of your clients using your iphone.

I have learnt the hard way you are best served loading any applications via itunes and not using wireless. Sometimes when you load a program wirelessly it could corrupt your entire phone. (experience speaking here)
I never even heard of a podcast until I got my Iphone and since then I listen to podcasts more than I listen to my Satellite radio.

Apple airport extreme

September 22nd, 2009

The good bad and the ugly

At first I really liked this router for some of its features. Namely the ability to have two separate wireless networks. This allows you to keep your business Network separate from a visitor who you give access to. I set this up in a church hall for the public room. It works great. I then had a client who wanted to have separate access from his tenants so there was no chance of contamination. This worked for the purpose at hand but unfortunately the signal was too weak. To boost the signal I called Apple and asked them Can I use the Airport Express to extend the signal on the guest Network. The sales girl told me OH YES, I do it myself at my home. Well not trusting the sales team I asked to have this confirmed with a technician before I made my purchase. The tech assured me I could do this. With this confirmed I ordered the Airport Express. When I tried to extend the Network I only had the option to extend the main network and not the Guest Network. So with great trepidation I extended the main network and gave the tenants my password. Well now they have full access to my router which I really don’t like.

Another point is you can not remotely tap into the router directly like you can do with every other router I have setup. Why these two flaws exist is just ridiculous.

ACN, there’s better deals out there……

September 21st, 2009

Recently a friend of mine signed up for this business opportunity with ACN {cough}

Okay so he paid $527 admin fee, $140 for a video phone, $32.99 a month for phone service.

Now who can he call with this cool video phone? Other reps! What a joke. Yes he can call regular phones but why all the unnecessary fees. A much better deal is to get VOIP service from Acanac for $9.95 a month tax in.

Oh and video phone, maybe some of you have heard of SKYPE and yes that is free.

ACN has other services too but sorry they are not up and running yet. If a product is good and reasonably priced, people will come you dont have to hard sell your friends to get your moneys worth.

Remote Desktop

September 20th, 2009

I recently found an alternative to terminal services overpriced licensing by Microsoft.

ThinStuff allows you to use multiple Rdp connections on many different operating systems even xp home.

I have my client using a XP pro machine as a server and 4 users are tapped in and accessing Simply Accounting.thinstuff